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AI Avatars

which looks like you
Meet the new standard to create own art portraits
Unleash your imagination 🔥
How does it work?
Upload 5 photos
Upload photos of yourself that are well-lit and show your face from little bit different angles. There is no need to crop the photos, as our service will do that for you.

  • - No hats
  • - No glasses
AI creates your model
For every person we train dedicated neural network! ⚡️ Training time + 200 avatars generation takes = ~1 hours. Plus queue.
By default every avatar is 1024x1024px
There will be more than 50 avatars in different styles in the dashboard.

Dashboard lets you browse all avatars and upload source photos. You can also create your custom avatars using prompts!

200 avatars
When training is completed, our platform generates avatars in 50 different styles.
Create own styles ⚡️
Avatars are created by using prompts. Just like this - "alexanderkozhevin as a viking warrior full body portarit! ! ! ultra ralistic portrait! ! ! 4k, octane render, ultra quality, ..."
Upscale (coming soon)
By default avatars are 1024 by 1024px. But using our top upscaler neural network you can turn it into 2048x2048px
Photo enhancer (coming soon)
Its is an additional tool which allows your to improve some avatars.
Dashboard UI
Browse avatars & create new ones!
Single payment
200 avatars 🥹
1 training 🏋️‍♀️
1024x1024px 🌌

Frequently asked questions

Why should I buy AI avatars?
It all depends on your targets. You can get it for yourself for fun. Or make stunning avatars as a gift for friends or family.
Can I get free preview?
Unfortunately its not possible at the moment due high computational expenses. For each customer we use top-GPUs for training dedicated neural network.
Who will see my portraits?
Only you. All data is kept securely and only you will have access to it. And only you will be able to use neural network trained on your photos.
Is it one time payment?
Yes, absolutely. No stupid subscriptinos.
Can I get a refund?
Training neural network takes large expenses. So we want to make sure you really understand what you are buying. We offer a refund only in case of some critical issues. Insted we can consider re-training if you are not happy with quality.
What is prompts?
You can create our own avatars. And to make it possible, you need to created text description. Like "alexanderkozhevin as spiderman"
How much time does it take after uploading source images?
After you got an account and uploaded 5 high quality photos it might take up 12 hours.
Is it deep fake or smth?
Absolutely NOT. Unlike other apps, this one dont put masks. It creates avatars from scratch.
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